CASCELL®MF Manufacturers




CASCELL® MF is a foam core material specifically designed for the in-mold foaming process, allowing the production of complex geometries that cannot be easily achieved through CNC machining. 

Key points about CASCELL® MF

In-mold foaming process: CASCELL® MF foam core is used in an in-mold foaming process, where the foam is formed directly within the mold cavity. This process enables the creation of complex 3D foam core parts without the need for additional CNC machining or assembly steps.
Complex geometries: CASCELL® MF foam core is well-suited for applications that require intricate and complex geometries. By using the in-mold foaming process, the foam can be shaped and expanded to match the desired form of the final part, allowing for the production of complex shapes that may not be achievable through traditional CNC machining methods.
Increased foam utilization: The in-mold foaming process with CASCELL® MF foam core allows for improved foam utilization. This means that a higher percentage of the foam material is effectively utilized, reducing waste and optimizing the use of resources.
Reduced cycle time: By foaming the CASCELL® MF foam core in situ, the production cycle time can be reduced. Eliminating the need for separate CNC machining or assembly steps streamlines the manufacturing process and increases efficiency.
CASCELL® MF foam core provides a solution for producing complex 3D foam core parts with improved foam utilization and reduced cycle time. It offers opportunities for manufacturing intricate shapes and optimizing production processes.

Advantages of CASCELL® MF

CASCELL® MF foam core offers several advantages in the production of complex geometries through the in-mold foaming process. 
Design flexibility: CASCELL® MF foam core provides designers and manufacturers with greater design flexibility. The foam can be tailored to match specific design requirements and complex geometries, enabling the production of unique and innovative products. This flexibility opens up possibilities for creative and customized solutions.
Lightweight and high strength: CASCELL® MF foam core offers a combination of lightweight properties and high strength. The foam core provides structural integrity while minimizing weight, making it suitable for applications where weight reduction is critical, such as in the aerospace, automotive, and sports equipment industries.
Compatibility with various manufacturing processes: CASCELL® MF foam core is compatible with various manufacturing processes, including prepregs and vacuum infusion methods. This versatility allows for seamless integration into existing production workflows, providing manufacturers with flexibility and ease of use.