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    Cascell® RS is specially developed for use as a structural core in connection with vacuum infusion processes, such as VA...

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Cascell® RS is a foam core material specifically designed for use as a structural core in connection with vacuum infusion processes like VARI (Vacuum Assisted Resin Infusion) and RTM (Resin Transfer Molding).

Features and characteristics of Cascell® RS

Structural core: Cascell® RS is intended for use as a structural core material, meaning it provides strength and support to the overall structure of the component it is applied to. This makes it suitable for applications in aviation, aerospace, and sports equipment where weight reduction is desired.
Vacuum infusion compatibility: Cascell® RS is optimized for use with vacuum infusion processes such as VARI and RTM. These processes involve injecting resin into a mold under vacuum to impregnate the reinforcement materials and create a strong and lightweight composite structure.
Weight reduction: By using Cascell® RS as a core material in vacuum infusion processes, the weight of the final component can be reduced. Foam core materials are known for their lightweight properties, and Cascell® RS is engineered to contribute to weight reduction in composite structures.
Mechanical and thermomechanical properties: Cascell® RS is designed to exhibit mechanical and thermomechanical properties that are similar to Cascell® WH. This suggests that it provides comparable strength, stability, and performance characteristics to Cascell® WH foam core material.
Smaller cell size: Cascell® RS features a smaller cell size compared to Cascell® WH. This smaller cell size allows for a more optimal compromise between low resin absorption (approximately 30% less than Cascell® WH) and satisfactory bonding of the facings (composite layers) to the core.

Advantages of Cascell® RS 

Cascell® RS offers the advantage of being easily thermoformed or CNC machined to meet customers' specific requirements, providing significant manufacturing benefits.
Thermoforming is a process where the material is heated and shaped into the desired form. Cascell® RS, with its excellent thermoformability, can be readily shaped using appropriate thermoforming techniques. This allows manufacturers to customize and adapt the material to meet the specific needs of different projects. The ability to easily thermoform Cascell® RS enhances its versatility and allows for efficient manufacturing processes.
the mention of CNC machining further highlights the manufacturing advantages of Cascell® RS. CNC machining is an automated process That utilizes computer-controlled tools to accurately cut, shape, and machine the workpiece. Cascell® RS, with its suitable mechanical properties and machinability, can be effectively processed and shaped using CNC equipment. This precision machining capability enables Cascell® RS manufacturers to achieve intricate designs and meet precise customer requirements.
The ease of thermoforming and CNC machining with Cascell® RS provides manufacturers with flexibility, customization options, and efficiency in meeting customer demands, resulting in significant manufacturing advantages.