We have professional CNC processing center accorded with aviation industry standards; providing cutting grinding ,drilling,special shape carving, etc.


Our engineer team assists you to work out the best thermoforming solution, shorten development cycle.

Custom stitching

We provide stitching for unconventional specifications like super thick one.

Drying/HEAT Treatment

All our PMI foam use damp-proof packing when delivery, we suggest you use immediately after opening. If you can’t use it all at one time, drying is needed for moisture absorption To achieve the optimum creep resistance, we can provide heat treatment.

Cashem Advanced Materials Hi-tech Co.,Ltd is a famous Cascell,PMI foam and structural foam manufacturers

,our company was established in 2010,depending on to the technology and R&D platform of Institude of chemistry, Chinese Acadmy of sciences (ICCAS), committed to the industrialization of Polymethacrylimide ( PMI) strucural foam, achieving complete localization of high performance PMI foam


Cascell ® PMI foam,Lightweight and High Temperature Resistance Foam Core


    Cascell®WH foam core has been specifically designed for aerospace application, such as fairing and middle section of launch vehicle. It can also be used in back pressure frame of large civil plane due to its excellent mechanical properties. In the helicopters, Cascell® WH has been mainly used in main


    Cascell® RS is specially developed for use as a structural core in connection with vacuum infusion processes, such as VARI and RTM. It is applied in components of aviation, aerospace, sports equipment with resin injection process to reduce the weight. Its mechanical and thermomechanical properties are similar to those of Cascell® WH. Its cell size, which is smaller, achieves an optimal compromise between low resin absorption-about 30% less than for Cascell® WH-and satisfactory bonding of the facings to the core.


    Cascell® IH products are closed-cell rigid foams based on polymethacrylimide (PMI) chemistry, which is specially developed for general industry field, used as structural foam in the field of automotive, shipbuilding and sports equipment etc.


    Cascell® HF foam core has been specifically designed for antenna application, due to its extremely low dielectric constants and particularly favorable transmission properties. It can also be used as structural core for radomes and mammography plates.


    CASCELL® FR rigid PMI foam is self-extinguishing and particularly suitable for applications in rail vehicle and watercraft construction, as well as in the aeronautic industry. It can be processed using prepregs and all common vacuum infusion methods, RTM, and VARTM.


    Complex geometries which cannot be obtained by CNC can be foamed in situ now. CASCELL® RA rigid foam is suitable for the production of 3D shape core parts, it can reduce waste and cycle times. Especially in the automotive industry, complicated structural parts can be built with CASCELL® RA.

  • Custom Composites

    Cashem has the ability to make sandwich structural core panels.



Added Value With Cascell®




Railway transit

Sports equipment

Medical apparatus

Unmaned aerial vehicle

Wind power


"Joint Laboratory of Novel Polymer Materials" was built relying on strong technical strength of ICCAS on basic research of high-tech material and rich experience of Cashem on engineering transformation,together organized an R&D team full of innovation centralizing advantages to promote R&D and industrialization,providing high performance Cascell PMI foam and unreserved services to customers.

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