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What is Cascell® WH

Cascell® WH is a foam core material specifically designed for aerospace applications. Foam core materials are commonly used in aerospace engineering to provide lightweight and structurally efficient solutions for various components and structures.
Cascell® WH foam core is engineered to meet the specific requirements of aerospace applications, such as fairings, launch vehicle middle sections, back pressure frames of large civil planes, main and tail rotor blades in helicopters, and fuselage panels, among others. Its design and composition may offer a balance between low weight, high strength, and other desirable properties needed in the aerospace industry.

Features of Cascell® WH 

Lightweight: Foam core materials are often selected for aerospace applications due to their low density, which helps reduce the overall weight of the structure. This can contribute to improved fuel efficiency and performance.
High strength-to-weight ratio: Cascell® WH may possess excellent mechanical properties, including a high strength-to-weight ratio. This means it can provide structural integrity and support while minimizing the weight burden on the aircraft or helicopter.
Impact resistance: Foam core materials like Cascell® WH may offer good impact resistance, which is crucial in aerospace applications where structures need to withstand potential impacts during flight or landing.
the specific properties and features of Cascell® WH may vary, and it is always recommended to consult the manufacturer's documentation or technical specifications for accurate and detailed information regarding its characteristics and capabilities.