Countries from all over the world have given the deadline for the abandoning the fuel vehicles. Environment issue and the shortage of fossil energy force the government to make the decision, the lightweight of automobile have become the primary direction for auto makers.


The advantages of sandwich composite solutions in automobile are obvious. Lighter designs result in lower fuel consumption, higher payloads and longer range, which all having a positive influence on the environment. Composite materials are also more durable. The PMI-based structural foam Cascell® saves enormous weight in car bodies.


PMI foam can be used in such an application because of the properties below:

Easily be shaped into 3D geometry with CNC or thermoforming process;

Composites parts can be manufactured by Autoclave, Vacuum bagged, RTM, and VARI, etc.;

Superb resin absorption due to the fine cell size, the excellent balance between mechanical properties and light-weight can be obtained.