What is the difference between foam core and foam sheet

What is the difference between foam core and foam sheet

Summary:Let's start with the basics of foam sheets: what are foam sh...

Let's start with the basics of foam sheets: what are foam sheets, what are they made of, what functions do they offer and what dimensions do they have?


What is a foam core?
The foam core is a display and printing material, which consists of a dense foam core, which is arranged between two matt papers. Foam cores are usually made of polystyrene, one of the most widely used plastics in the world, which is also used to make foamed polystyrene. Since the polystyrene core of the foam sheet consists of 95% to 98% air, the foam core sheet is very light.


What is the difference between foam core and foam sheet?
There is no difference between a foam core and a foam sheet. They all refer to pressure and display boards made of a foam core between two sheets of paper. Depending on the manufacturer and region, this material may also be referred to as a foam core, foam sheet, paper foam or kappa.

One reason for confusion about the term may be that the crocodile plate (another printing and signage material) also has a foam center. The difference between the crocodile plate and the foam core plate, however, is that the surface of the crocodile plate is made of wood fiber veneer. In a blog post that compares common signage materials, learn more about the difference between crocodile sheet, foam core, and other materials.

What are the advantages of foam core sheets?
The foam core has many useful properties and is therefore one of the most versatile materials for signs and displays. The following are some notable features of this material:

High performance poster board - The foam core is very strong compared to other types of posters (usually malleable and not rigid). The foam core is rigid and can lie flat, holds it straight when it is supported or hung, and is resistant to bending and curling. If a hard billboard is needed, this material should be used.
Superlight foam sheets may be slightly thicker than other types of poster sheets, and the foam core shows almost no difference in weight. The foam cores are extremely light, which means that they can be easily transported, displayed and stored.

Easy-to-print and cut foam core sheet provides an excellent material for printing and cutting. Photos and designs can be printed directly onto the foam core, and the boards can be neatly cut into almost any shape.

Many surface treatment options - you can easily choose between laminated or framed foam core. You can also find foam veneers with a variety of surface treatments, from gloss to texture to matte.
Low cost - foam core is the cheapest printing and display material on the market. Because of their low cost, foam sheets are ideal for short-term or large projects.