What are the characteristics of PMI foam sandwich panels

What are the characteristics of PMI foam sandwich panels

Summary:What are the characteristics of PMI foam sandwich panels?   ...

What are the characteristics of PMI foam sandwich panels?


PMI foam sandwich panels have a wide range of uses, and are suitable for various warehouses, hospitals, mobile houses and other buildings. PMI foam sandwich panel can also be called polystyrene sandwich panel, which is mainly made of foam as raw material. It is very light, soundproof and fireproof.


What about PMI foam sandwich panels?


1. The polystyrene foam in the PMI foam sandwich panel is a very light macromolecular polymer. It uses polystyrene resin and then adds a foaming agent, and then heats it to soften it to generate gas. A rigid closed-cell structure of foam is formed. And its processing method can be divided into extrusion method and mode method according to the different foaming methods. It is precisely because of this uniformly closed cavity structure that EPS has the characteristics of low water absorption, good thermal insulation performance, and light weight.


2. The foam sandwich panel made with the above characteristics has beautiful appearance, good overall effect, gorgeous color, sound absorption and sound insulation, and also has the effects of heat preservation, fire prevention, and waterproofing. After it is installed, there is no need for secondary decoration, which reflects the civilized construction of modern construction sites. It can also be assembled and disassembled, and it is convenient to install, which effectively reduces the cost of temporary facilities on the construction site. The foam sandwich panel is an indispensable new lightweight building material in modern times.



What are the characteristics of PMI foam sandwich panels?


1. The weight per square meter of the foam sandwich panel is less than 24kg, which is much lighter than other building materials, so that the structural cost can be fully reduced.


2. The installation is very convenient, and it can be installed soon. Its installation and insertion can be cut at will, because of this, its construction efficiency is improved and the construction period is saved.


3. It can be fireproof, because it adopts color steel composite core board, and its surface materials and insulation materials are non-flammable, so that it can meet the requirements of fire protection regulations.


4. The foam sandwich panel is also fire-resistant because it is treated with a special coating. The color steel plate will last for 10-15 years. As long as the anticorrosive coating is sprayed every 10 years, the life of the plate can be more than 35 years.


5. The shape of the foam sandwich panel is also very beautiful, the lines of the profiled steel plate have dozens of colors, and any style of building can be used.


6. Foam sandwich panel can also keep heat insulation, because it is useful for heat preservation materials, such as: glass fiber wool, rock wool, polyurethane, polystyrene, etc., so its thermal conductivity is also low.


7. The foam sandwich panel can also prevent noise. Its composite panel has a sound insulation strength of 40-50 decibels. This material has a very good sound insulation effect.


8. It has strong plasticity and can be cut at will to meet different design requirements.


Because foam sandwich panels are widely used in hospitals, warehouses, event venues, etc., for safety reasons, their quality must have certain advantages and meet some standards. When purchasing foam sandwich panels, you must choose products of good quality from big brands.