Summary of foam board use

Summary of foam board use

Summary:(1) Polystyrene material Polystyrene foam board is compounde...

(1) Polystyrene material Polystyrene foam board is compounded with a layer of hips on both sides, and a composite material with higher rigidity is obtained. For different resins, different densities, and types of rohacell foam, the pitch, diameter and height of the needling can be optimized. Under constant pressure, tih2 differentiates into h2, the liquid expands and foams, and foamed aluminum can be obtained after cooling. As a functional material, foamed aluminum can also be used to prepare electrodes, sprayers, mufflers, self-lubricating bearings and other products. Its application prospects are very broad [1, 38, 41] and easy to commercial applications. Solvent-based paint is not recommended.

(2) Although the development of polystyrene foam boards for roadbeds in my country has just started, the application on the roadbeds of the Gusu section of the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway has shown us a brilliant market prospect. In reality, all commercial adhesives can be used. At this time, any cover may not be required. 46 mtb high-speed ship, "skjold" The catamaran has a design speed of 60 knots. A major issue is how to reduce weight. Polymer foams used in railway locomotives are usually thermosetting, and are used to make larger components for thermal service. Thermoplastic foams are also used. Automobile anti-vibration products such as buffer blocks, rubber pads, rubber sheets, etc. are generally nr and sbr materials. Since then, synthetic materials have been promoted to be used in railway rolling stock, and even enjoy priority in many applications. ? wf type, the material scale density is between 52 to 200 kg/m3, and the hdt heat distortion temperature is 200°c.


(3)The cold deformation and heat setting process can first process the foam sheet to a precise curved surface opening size, then fix the foam on the mold in a vacuum, put it in an oven and heat it to the heat deformation temperature. Warm for 1 hour, then take out from the oven, slowly and evenly lower the temperature to room temperature. According to the divergence of application scale, the application of foamed aluminum can be divided into two categories: structural material application and functional material application. Because pmi foam is compared with polyurethane and pvc, it has a good mechanical performance, and it can meet the structural requirements in the case of low density. It can be seen from this that in order to obtain a foam with high specific shear strength, a new manufacturing process can be developed to reduce the value of φ.