Reinforcement method for building reinforcing carbon fiber sandwich structure


The research on carbon fiber materials used in the rein […]

The research on carbon fiber materials used in the reinforcement and repair of concrete structures began in the developed countries such as the United States and Japan in the 1980s. China's technology started very late, but with the rapid development of China's economic construction and transportation industry, a considerable part of the existing buildings caused historical problems due to the low design load standards at that time. Some buildings are difficult to meet due to changes in the use of functions.

The requirements of the current specification are in urgent need of maintenance and reinforcement. At present, there are many commonly used reinforcement methods, such as: increased section method, outer steel reinforcement method, bonded steel reinforcement method, carbon fiber reinforcement method, and the like. The carbon fiber sandwich structure reinforcement repairing structure technology is another new type of structural reinforcement technology after increasing the concrete section and sticking steel.

It is suitable for reinforcement and reinforcement of various forms of reinforced concrete structures or components, and is resistant by special epoxy resin. The carbon fiber sheet with extremely high tensile strength is attached to the surface of the concrete structure and is integrated with the place to work together.