New polymethacrylimide foam core for composite sandwich design

New polymethacrylimide foam core for composite sandwich design

Summary:        As a core materia...

        As a core material solution, CasemTM foam has excellent mechanical properties and thermal stability, is lightweight, easy to form and environmentally friendly.

        This new foam product is the latest material solution in Evonik's line of high performance foam products. The product line is renowned worldwide for its high performance Casem® PMI foam, and its structural core products have been used in aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical technology, sports equipment and other industries for more than 40 years. The launch of the new CashemTM product demonstrates that Evonik will further expand its product portfolio to provide superior service to customers around the world.

        The trend in the wind industry tends to use longer turbine blades to meet demanding requirements, a trend that has driven CathyLTM's initial development. Ideally, the materials used in the production of the blades should be lighter in weight, with higher mechanical properties and high temperature cure stability. There are numerous material solutions on the market that offer high mechanical properties or withstand high curing temperatures, but until the launch of the CashemTM foam, these two properties can finally be combined in a core product. Other industries that use efficient production methods may also find that this new product can be used in their applications.