Advantages and disadvantages of thermal insulation foam polyurethane board

Advantages and disadvantages of thermal insulation foam polyurethane board

Summary:1. High-efficiency insulation Because the thermal conductivi...

1. High-efficiency insulation Because the thermal conductivity of the foaming agent used in polyurethane is much lower than that of air (good insulation performance), the thermal insulation properties of the core foamed polyurethane rigid foam are superior to those of air-only materials such as mineral wool and glass. Fiber and polystyrene. Moreover, its unique closed cell and high gas diffusion resistance make it have excellent long-term insulation properties, and its thermal insulation performance can last for 20-50 years or more.

2. Excellent anti-corrosive polyurethane rigid foam closed-cell structure and the use of surface materials, so that it has superior air and moisture resistance, and it can be made into a mosaic structure during molding, easy to assemble . It does not require an extra layer of insulation to protect it from moisture, eliminating the need for many insulation layers. These properties are not possible with other insulating materials.

3. Wide, lightweight, thin wall Because polyurethane rigid foam also acts as a structural material, the overall structure has the advantages of light weight, large span and high load. Polyurethane rigid foams have the best thermal insulation properties compared to other insulating materials. Therefore, the thinner core foam can meet the relevant regulations on the energy consumption limit of the building, which allows the use of thinner plates during construction, saving construction space.

4. Stable quality and high production efficiency Nowadays, in the case of a sharp increase in demand, the production of polyurethane sandwich panels is not only convenient for controlling quality, but also brings good economy and competitiveness.

5. Good weather resistance, easy to install polyurethane sandwich panels prefabricated in the factory, can be directly used for construction and installation, no additional procedures, construction is fast. And without having to take into account the changes in the weather, production is planned.

6. Disadvantages of external wall thermal insulation foamed polyurethane board: The core foam plastic formula, the ratio is disorderly and unstable, resulting in poor physical stability of the board, poor thermal insulation effect; the construction of the spray type has not been solved, and it is difficult to guarantee the quality of the project.