What is a PMI foam wall panel

What is a PMI foam wall panel

Summary:1. Steel mesh foam plastic wall panel Steel mesh foam plasti...

1. Steel mesh foam plastic wall panel

Steel mesh foam plastic wallboard, also known as cypress board, is a lightweight board made of welded wire mesh cage, filled with foam core layer, and the surface layer is sprayed or smeared with cement mortar surface. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, fireproof, sound insulation and non-corrosion. Non-load-bearing interior partitions for industrial and civil buildings are also available for roofing and self-supporting exterior walls.

2. Polystyrene foam board

Polystyrene foam board is one of the three common interior wall insulation materials. Also known as a foam board or an EPS board, it is a white object which is formed by heating a pre-formed expandable polystyrene bead containing a volatile liquid foaming agent and heating it in a mold. According to the structural characteristics of micro-closed holes, it is mainly used for building walls, roof insulation, composite board insulation, etc. Divided into expansion EPS board (benzene board) and continuous extrusion type XPS board (extruded board).

3. The advantages of foam walls

It has good impact resistance, low surface water absorption and good anti-penetration performance. It can effectively avoid wall problems such as mold and falling off after the wall is wet, and is not affected by temperature.

4. Insufficient foam wall

The construction needs to be hung, the construction process is cumbersome and the construction period is long; flammable gas is generated after flammable and burning.