What are the commonly used core material foam

What are the commonly used core material foam

Summary:1. PP polypropylene: PP core material foam plastic is also w...

1. PP polypropylene: PP core material foam plastic is also widely used, daily necessities such as packaging, toys, washbasins, buckets, hangers, water cups, bottles, etc.; engineering applications such as car bumpers. PP spun into silk is called polypropylene fiber, which is very common in textiles, non-woven fabrics, ropes, fishing nets and other products. PS polystyrene main applications: cheap transparent products, foam plastics, CD boxes, water cups, fast food boxes, insulation linings, etc.

2. PE polyethylene: At present, PE is a widely used plastic. With the help of different modification methods, PE can be used in all aspects of daily life. Representative high-temperature foams include plastic barrels, films, inner walls of paper cups, water pipes, and cable sheaths. PVC polyvinyl chloride is now mostly used to make some cheap artificial leather, foot pads, sewer pipes, etc.; because of its good electrical properties and certain flame retardant properties, it is widely used in the manufacture of wire and cable sheaths.


3. PET polyethylene terephthalate: commonly used as beverage bottles, screen protection films and other transparent protection films. PET can also be spun, which is commonly referred to as polyester. Therefore, during the Olympics, there is a saying that beverage bottles can be recycled to make clothing. Many sportswear pursuing breathability and lightness are made of polyester. The clothing material "Qingliang" that was popular a long time ago is also this thing. However, due to the backward spinning methods at that time, it is true that the clothes are not as comfortable to wear as they are now. In addition, PET also has many engineering applications.

4. PA polyamide: mention another name for polyamide: nylon. The polyamide family is very powerful, whether it is PA6, PA66, PA11 or PA12, all have excellent physical and chemical properties. This is also the reason why PA is widely used in the electronics and automotive industries. In daily life, nylon ropes and nylon stockings are also common items. The spun PA fiber is called nylon and is used for fishing line, fishing net, rope and conveyor belt.