The use of special-shaped PMI foam packaging

The use of special-shaped PMI foam packaging

Summary:Special-shaped PMI foam packaging can be used in different f...

Special-shaped PMI foam packaging can be used in different fields, the application of this product plays a very important role, and the quality of the product is also very good, and the service life is relatively long. This special-shaped packaging product is very important for handicrafts that need to be transported. The main raw materials for the production of handicrafts are mostly glass, because the handicrafts produced by glass are more beautiful in shape, and some handicrafts in various shapes are very atmospheric.


In the process of transportation, professional packaging tools are required to ensure that these handicrafts can be transported and exported well. The packaging products are now in shape and can be processed and produced according to the actual shape of the item, so that in the process of PMI foam packaging, a close contact with the item can be achieved to ensure that it can play a very good role in the process of transportation. The protective effect can ensure that the item is not damaged by any external force.



PMI foam has high specific strength and high specific modulus, and its tensile, compressive, bending, shearing and other strengths and modulus are far superior to other foams or balsa core materials such as pvc, pu, pet, etc. Isotropic for increased strength, improved rigidity and reduced weight. High heat resistance: It has a unique cross-linked structure, imide ring structure, good high temperature stability and pressure resistance, and the heat distortion temperature is 200 °C.


Adapt to high temperature molding or vacuum autoclave co-curing molding process, shorten process time, improve production efficiency, and improve structural performance. The closed cell rate is 95% to 98%. It is used in the composite sandwich structure, which can avoid the moisture absorption and degumming problems that may occur in the honeycomb core material, improve the safety performance and prolong the service life.


Due to its high closed cell ratio and water pressure resistance, it can be used as underwater buoyancy material. High closed cell ratio and fine and uniform cells also make the material have good sound insulation, heat insulation and moisture barrier properties. Easy to bond: suitable for epoxy, unsaturated polyester and other resin systems, with high bonding strength.