Specific feature of PMI bubble

Specific feature of PMI bubble

Summary:The PMI foam has the characteristics of light, high, high / ...

The PMI foam has the characteristics of light, high, high / low temperature, is currently a new polymer structure foam material excellent in comprehensive performance, and MAA is polymerized by free-based body to obtain Maa-Man copolymer plate, at 180-230 ° C At the foaming temperature, the pre-buried foaming agent in the copolymer was given a PMI foam plate.


While high temperature foaming, adjacent cyano and carboxy groups in the MAA-Man copolymer occurred nucleophilic addition, forming a cyclic imide structure, the strong polarity and high stiffness of the structure, imparting PMI foam material Good comprehensive performance. Polymethylacrylamine foam is a light, closed hole hard foam.


Specific performance characteristics: excellent mechanical properties. The specific intensity, the specific mold is higher than PU and PVC; excellent chemical resistance; good compatibility with other resins; mechanical processing is easy; thermal formation is easy; good fire prevention performance. High temperature resistance PMI foam is currently a hard-working structural core material, which has a lightweight and high intensity, mainly used in aerospace, radar antenna cover, CT medical bed, wind power helicopter blade, high speed train, or even building materials middle.


The characteristic temperature of the polystyrene is: the criticization temperature of about - 30 ° C, the glass transition temperature is 80 to 105 ° C, the melting temperature is 140 to 180 ° C, and the decomposition temperature is 300 ° C or higher. Since the mechanical properties of polystyrene decreases significantly with temperature, heat resistance is poor, and thus continuous use temperature is about 60 ° C, and it is not suitable for more than 80 ° C.