Pmi core foam material composition


1. Polystyrene: The production process is a polymerizat […]

1. Polystyrene: The production process is a polymerization reaction of monomeric styrene in a sealed reaction vessel under the action of high temperature and high pressure and a catalyst. Although styrene is an aromatic hydrocarbon compound, its reaction is carried out under sealed and anaerobic conditions, without the conditions for producing dioxin, and is in compliance with food hygiene and requirements.

2. The main raw materials of polystyrene foam tableware are polystyrene, talc, calcium stearate, butane.

3. Butane: saturated hydrocarbon, foaming agent. In the past, some production lines used Freon as a foaming agent. In order to protect the ozone layer of the atmosphere, all of the butane foaming agents have been converted to the UN Multilateral Fund.

4. calcium stearate: saturated fatty acid salts, the amount of about 1%, as a lubricant, medical grade.

5. talcum powder: is an inorganic mineral (containing magnesium silicate) the amount of about 1%, as a nucleating agent, medical grade.

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