Is styrofoam of core material foam plastic flame retardant


Styrofoam is flame retardant. Flame retardant foaming a […]

Styrofoam is flame retardant. Flame retardant foaming agent characteristics: front foaming, one-time foaming rate is 70%; high expansion, can hit 20 meters; foam stability, high compressive strength; closed cell rate up to 85%, the first choice for waterproof insulation, effective Prevent secondary post-expansion; Class B flame retardant, self-extinguishing from fire; convenient and fast installation, saving labor costs; two gun types, tube and gun, to meet your different needs; strong adhesion, so that the door frame and the wall The bond is extremely strong; it can prevent mildew and insects.

Flame retardant foaming agent applicable temperature: normal use temperature of the material tank +5 ℃ ~ +35 ℃; optimal use temperature +18 ℃ ~ +25 ℃; core material foam plastic flame retardant foaming agent application: door and window installation: Filling and sealing between doors and windows and walls, fixed bonding, bonding of external walls, etc.; sound insulation and muffling: filling gaps in the decoration of speech rooms, broadcasting rooms, etc., which can play a role in sound insulation and muffling.


Core material foam plastic is used for daily maintenance: repair of holes, gaps, wall tiles, floor tiles, floors, car sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, filling, etc.; waterproof plugging: repair of leaks in water pipes, sewers, etc., plugging; packaging Transportation: It is convenient to wrap valuable and fragile goods, save time and speed, and resist shock and pressure.