Insulation effect of core foam

Insulation effect of core foam

Summary:Core material foam plastic is a kind of building material. G...
Core material foam plastic is a kind of building material. Generally, the place where this material is used is to make it fireproof and soundproof, so this material is more suitable for some public places. The use of core foam plastic is really not small, it is more suitable for fireproof and soundproof places, such as office partitions, as well as the decoration of dance halls, shopping malls, gymnasiums and other places.

There are also some places with better sound insulation, such as broadcasting studios and recording studios, which all require better sound insulation, such as drying rooms, which require fire protection. The sound insulation and sound absorption performance are relatively good. Like the sound absorption mechanism, it belongs to a porous structure, so that your sound waves will be hindered to a certain extent, which will affect the transmission of sound waves. When choosing this material, you must first understand its properties, so as to know where to use it. Relatively speaking, this material is more suitable for use in some public places.

Relatively speaking, the thickness of the core foam plastic must be achieved. It uses two boards and then sandwiches the foam in the middle. The purpose of this is to meet the thermal insulation and sound insulation of buildings. Effect. The material in the middle is mainly made of foam and then processed into a sandwich panel. The function of this foam sandwich panel is really not small, it gives full play to the unique properties of the rock wool core material, it is fireproof, and the thermal insulation effect is also relatively good.

It has the unique characteristics of heat insulation, sound absorption and sound insulation. This foam sandwich panel uses its color steel rock wool sandwich panel, which is processed into a whole by rock wool and steel plate, so that the board can meet the Buildings are thermal insulation, sound insulation, fire prevention, and this material is relatively safe to use, so it can also achieve reliable goals, so this material is also used by everyone.

Core foam plastic is a safe and reliable material. You can use this material with confidence. It is a high-tech product. This product has better heat insulation and sound absorption effects. You can use it according to its features to use it in the right place.