What is pet foam core material

What is pet foam core material

Summary:The main component of PET foam is polyethylene terephthalate...

The main component of PET foam is polyethylene terephthalate, commonly known as polyester resin. PET foam has good heat resistance, mechanical strength and environmental performance, so it is widely used in construction, vehicles, roof insulation materials, sports equipment, wind energy and other fields. When it is foamed for later formation, the PET foam material is relatively brittle, but it has good heat resistance and mechanical strength. PET foam can be recycled, so it has good environmental performance.

PET foam core material has good shear properties, so it is often used as a shear-resistant filler in shell structures. The cost of PET raw materials is lower than that of common core foam materials. However, the use of PET foam as the sandwich material of core materials usually requires the use of resin and other adhesives for bonding, but the size of the foam cells of PET foam is usually larger.

Therefore, the resin absorption rate is usually high, so its cost and weight are relatively high, thus limiting its application. Because of its good shear resistance, thermal insulation performance and environmental protection performance, PET foam is often used in building thermal insulation materials, sandwich core materials, sports equipment, fan blades, ships, aerospace and other fields.