What is a high density PMI foam board

What is a high density PMI foam board

Summary:Polystyrene foam board - also known as foam board, EPS board...

Polystyrene foam board - also known as foam board, EPS board is a white material that is heated and formed in a mold by a expandable polystyrene bead containing a volatile liquid foaming agent. The structural features of closed cells are mainly used for building walls, roof insulation, composite panel insulation, cold storage, air conditioning, vehicles, ship insulation, floor heating, decorative engraving and so on.

The main advantages of PMI foam board:

1. Protect the main structure of the building and extend the life of the building. Since the external insulation is placed on the outside of the structure, the stress caused by the structural deformation caused by the temperature change is reduced, and the harmful substances in the air and the ultraviolet rays are eroded.

2. Effectively eliminate the “heat bridge” used in the past, “heat bridge” is difficult to avoid, and the external wall insulation effectively prevents the generation of heat bridge and avoids condensation.

3. The wall tidal temperature condition is improved. Generally, the inner insulation needs to be provided with a vapor barrier layer, and the temperature permeable performance of the external thermal insulation material is far stronger than the main structure, and condensation does not generally occur inside the wall. The increased temperature of the entire wall further enhances the insulation properties of the wall.

4. Conducive to the stability of room temperature, the use of external thermal insulation, due to the wall heat storage capacity of the structural layer on the inside of the wall, is conducive to room temperature stability.

5. Increase the use area of ​​the house. It can avoid the damage of the insulation layer caused by the secondary decoration.