What are the commonly used composite core foam

What are the commonly used composite core foam

Summary:What are the commonly used composite core foams? 1. Basha wo...

What are the commonly used composite core foams?

1. Basha wood, commonly known as balsa wood. Features: Extremely high strength and hardness (weight ratio); Specific heat is small, less affected by changes in temperature; Good fire resistance; Good heat and sound insulation performance; Very strong resistance to chemicals used in the composite industry Corrosive, such as styrene; good bonding with resins and adhesives.

2. PVC foam board, based on vinyl polymer, is an alloy foam material that penetrates through the aromatic amide polymerization network. It is customarily called cross-linked PVC foam core material, which is an ideal core material for composite sandwich structure. Because it is a high-molecular material, it is easy to burn, so it usually adds an appropriate amount of flame retardants, and Jin Ge new materials also produce flame retardants, so there will be suitable flame retardants for this type, and it is also environmentally friendly Halogen-free flame retardant. Has excellent specific stiffness and specific strength; good fatigue resistance, good impact resistance; good flame retardancy; low water absorption, not easy to be affected by moisture and mildew; good dimensional stability and processability.

3, PU polyurethane foam board, using isocyanate and polyether as the main raw materials, under the action of various additives such as foaming agents, catalysts, flame retardants, etc., mixed by special equipment and high-pressure sprayed on-site foam Molecular polymer, polyurethane foam has two types: soft foam and rigid foam. PMI foam core material, high-performance, high-quality structural foam material, is used as a high-performance composite core material foam plastic material, which can simplify the process, shorten the process, and solve the rough cells, easy to absorb moisture, easy The problem of debonding solves the problems of low specific strength, low specific modulus and low heat resistance of general foam core materials.

4. Strong core felt, which consists of polyester fiber or glass fiber and micro pellets, and is bonded into a whole felt by a styrene-soluble adhesive. It can improve the rigidity of the product and prevent the printing of the cloth pattern, which plays an irreplaceable role in improving the quality of the mold and the product. Therefore, strong core felt core material foam plastic is widely used in the production of various FRP molds.