PMI foam sandwich panel and rock wool sandwich panel comparison

PMI foam sandwich panel and rock wool sandwich panel comparison

Summary:Due to the PMI foam board as the core material, the case of ...

Due to the PMI foam board as the core material, the case of color steel movable house fires has increased dramatically. For fire safety, fire tests were conducted on color steel plates. PMI foam sandwich panels and rock wool sandwich panels were selected to set up two color steel plate houses for experiments to visually show the difference between flammable, flammable and flame retardant core materials. Two small board houses constructed of color steel sandwich panels are waiting for the fire test. There is no difference in the appearance of the two small board houses, but the core materials of the color steel sandwich panels of the two small board houses are different. One is a foam sandwich panel, a PMI foam core. The other is a rock wool color steel sandwich panel. Newspapers, wood and other combustibles were placed in two small board houses, and the debris in the two board houses was ignited. The small board room built from the foam color steel sandwich panel emits a large amount of black smoke, accompanied by a pungent smell, and the small board room built by the rock wool core color steel sandwich panel has not yet occurred. obvious changes.


The walls of the small-slab building made of foamed steel sandwich panels gradually become black and deformed, and the foam core of the roof is gradually burned, melted, begins to sag, deform, and has a severe thorny nose. There is no change in the small board house of rock wool core. After 10 minutes of burning, the small board made of foamed color steel sandwich panels was fired into an empty shell. The structure of the boardhouse constructed from rock wool sandwich panels was almost undamaged and the surface of the panels was not ignited. When the debris burns, only a small amount of white smoke is produced and the surface of the wall becomes dark. After a fire in the panel house constructed with foamed color sandwich panels, the foam in the sandwich panel will ignite rapidly under high temperature baking and the flame will spread rapidly. After the sandwich foam is burned, the sandwich panel without foam support deforms and collapses and collapses in the middle.


The raw material of rock wool color steel sandwich panel is natural ore. It is a flame retardant material. A boardhouse made of this material will not burn as violently as a foamed steel sandwich panel. It emits less smoke and is a metal sandwich core material that meets current national standards. The raw materials for PMI foam color steel sheets are generally chemical materials such as polyurethane and polystyrene. Burning produces high temperatures and a lot of toxic fumes. Black smoke from the scene is produced after the materials burn. Once the fire escapes, inhaling this excess of toxic gas can paralyze the nerves and cause suffocation.