PMI foam insulation material pays attention during construction

PMI foam insulation material pays attention during construction

Summary:The thermal insulation properties of PMI foam insulation mat...

The thermal insulation properties of PMI foam insulation materials have always been very good, especially at room temperature, its thermal insulation performance is much better than other insulation boards. In addition, the sound insulation effect is quite good, and it is widely used in Europe and North America. However, pay attention to the following points when constructing PMI foam insulation materials:

1. The facilities and pipes to be insulated should be free of any leakage, the surface is dry, no grease, no rust. Under the conditions of orange mandarin, in order to facilitate corrosion protection, appropriate coating can be adopted.

2. in order to achieve the minimum heat loss, all joints of the board and felt must be very tightly connected. When the multi-layer insulation is used, the cross joints should be staggered to avoid the formation of a thermal bridge, and the cold bridge must be eliminated when cooling.

3. PMI foam products for outdoor insulation, or in the place susceptible to mechanical wear should use metal or plastic foreskin, and pay attention to joints, joint sealing, if necessary, add a gel seal, the overlap of the wrap layer is not less than 100mm.

4. For cold preservation, it is necessary to add moisture-proof layer on the cold surface. In the case of extremely low temperature, the resin is insulated by PMI foam without resin, and the moisture-proof layer must also be fireproof.

5. When the temperature exceeds 200 °C, the insulation must be properly protected, so that the possible expansion will not change the thickness and bulk density.

6. For the insulation of products for large diameter or flat wall equipment, heat insulation nails should be added when the temperature exceeds 200 °C, and the outer protection should be tight.

7. When the PMI foam insulation object is placed vertically and has a considerable height, the insulation layer must have a positioning pin or a support ring, and the spacing should not be more than 3 meters to prevent the insulation material from sliding downward when there is vibration.


8, outdoor insulation, cold construction should not be carried out in rainy days, otherwise it should take measures to prevent rain.