PMI foam enters production car

PMI foam enters production car

Summary:With the increasingly stringent requirements for energy cons...

With the increasingly stringent requirements for energy conservation and emissions at home and abroad, the demand for lightweight vehicles is becoming more and more urgent. In October 2016, the China Automotive Engineering Society released the roadmap for the “Technology Roadmap for Energy Saving and New Energy Vehicles”, stating that by 2020, 2025, and 2030, the vehicle quality should be reduced by 10% and 20% respectively compared with 2015. 35%. For the car companies, the lightweight design is also of practical significance, and there is no doubt that the prospect of automotive plastics is becoming clearer.

As for the hood of the car, due to its shape, safety (strength, stiffness, modal), appearance (Class A appearance smoothness and coating requirements), production and cost, many materials and product suppliers Also proposed are their respective composite solutions. At present, PP+LGF (suitable for hoods with smaller projection area) and carbon fiber composite materials have been mass-produced and supplied on some models.

After comprehensive consideration of material properties such as PP (including modified PP, PP+LGF, etc.), LFT, SMC, etc., PMI rigid foam produced by Zhejiang Zhongke Hengtai New Material Co., Ltd. as a core, product machinery The performance exceeds 10% of the sheet metal structure, and the weight is reduced by more than 30%. The RTM molding process can also meet the requirements of the product A-class appearance surface, complex curved surface features and firm connection structure.