PMI composite sandwich structure

PMI composite sandwich structure

Summary:PMI Composite material refers to a new material formed by co...

PMI Composite material refers to a new material formed by compounding two or more kinds of heterogeneous, irregular, and anisotropic materials. In addition to retaining the main characteristics of the original component materials, the core foam can also obtain new excellent properties not possessed by the original component materials through the composite effect. According to the basic materials, PMI composite materials can be divided into three categories: polymer (resin) matrix composites, metal matrix composites and inorganic non-metal matrix composites.

Aerospace and aerospace engineering aircraft are very sensitive to structural quality and need to be made of lightweight and high-strength materials. In the nearly 100 years of aircraft development and more than 50 years of space engineering development, people have been looking for lightweight high-strength materials. In the 1940s, glass fiber reinforced plastics were discovered and later developed into advanced PMI composite materials, which solved the problem of light weight and high strength of materials. Almost in the same era, people discovered the sandwich structure and created the structure of rational use of materials to meet the requirements of light weight and high strength.


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