Performance advantages of PMI foam

Performance advantages of PMI foam

Summary:1. High mechanical properties: With high specific strength a...

1. High mechanical properties: With high specific strength and high specific modulus, its strength and modulus in tensile, compression, bending, shearing and other aspects are far superior to other foams or balsa cores such as PVC, PU, ​​and PET. Materials, and isotropic, can improve strength, improve rigidity, reduce weight; high heat resistance: with a unique cross-linked structure, imide ring structure, good high temperature stability and pressure resistance, thermal deformation temperature of 200 ℃, It is suitable for high temperature molding or vacuum autoclave co-curing molding process, shortening process time, improving production efficiency, and improving structural performance.

2. High closed cell ratio: The closed cell ratio is 95% to 98%. It is used for composite sandwich structure, which can avoid the problems of moisture absorption and degumming of honeycomb core material, improve safety performance and extend service life. Due to its high porosity and resistance to water pressure, it can be used as an underwater buoyancy material. The high closed cell ratio and fine and uniform cells also make the material have good sound insulation, heat insulation and moisture barrier properties. Easy bonding: Adapt to various resin systems such as epoxy and unsaturated polyester, with high bonding strength.

3. Convenience of processing: It is convenient for mechanical processing; and can be bent into various curved surfaces under heating conditions, which improves the freedom of design; Fatigue resistance: unique molecular structure gives it good fatigue resistance, especially suitable for dynamic Loaded composite sandwich structure; dielectric properties and aluminum equivalent: PMI foam has low dielectric constant, low dielectric loss over a wide frequency range, good electrical insulation, and is suitable for radar equipment. Low aluminum equivalent, suitable for medical device industry.