New composite structure foam plasticity

New composite structure foam plasticity

Summary:New PMI foam plastic composite structure: For the aerospace ...

New PMI foam plastic composite structure:

For the aerospace industry, the sandwich structure has excellent lightweight properties. To date, a high-cost process has been used to attach a carbon fiber reinforced cover layer and a sandwich structure with an epoxy prepreg to the aramid/phenol honeycomb core. Today the process dominates the entire helicopter and wing aircraft interior industry. Because the helicopter's flying height is lower than that of the winged aircraft, the honeycomb sandwich structure can also be used for its support structure and coating. For large passenger aircraft, the physical characteristics of the structure will limit the use of the structure: because high-altitude flight will cause temperature fluctuations, resulting in condensation in the honeycomb pores, and the condensate will freeze and swell in the cold weather to damage the material. Moreover, the high production costs caused by a large number of manual operations and the high investment cost of the cooker hinder the expansion of the application range of the conventional honeycomb structure.

In addition, thermoplastic core foam composites have the following distinct advantages:

1. Attaching foam and sandwich coated fiber bundles and fiber pins improves the compressive and shear resistance of the sandwich members.

2. The core can be bonded to the coating using the appropriate thermal technique depending on the material of the coating.

3. The thermoplastic matrix allows the carbon fiber reinforced plastic foam composite to be more easily welded to other components.

4. The foamed sandwich structure can be injection molded in various shapes on an injection molding machine and formed into various members.

5. The use of foam and matrix materials allows for the recycling of components and the reuse of carbon fibers.

6. There is no condensation in the foam core compared to the honeycomb sandwich core.

7. Foam insulation and noise reduction performance is good.

Since the multilayer structure has a large degree of freedom of deformation in the thermoforming process, it is also possible to be used in the automotive field, for example, for the front wall of a car, a door panel or a seat. In addition, the walls and ceilings of tourist vehicles can also be produced using a reinforced foam core multi-layer structure. Especially in production, if glass fiber can be used instead of expensive carbon fiber, it will bring great benefits.