Lightweight high temperature resistant PMI structural foam material

Lightweight high temperature resistant PMI structural foam material

Summary:Lightweight and high-temperature resistant PMI foam material...

Lightweight and high-temperature resistant PMI foam materials have the best lightweight effect. In recent years, industry needs and technology have undergone rapid development. The foam sandwich composite material is a typical structure of this type of material. Carbon fiber PMI sandwich panel is made of carbon fiber board and PMI sandwich material. Carbon fiber is a material with low density, high strength, high modulus, corrosion resistance, electrical conductivity, heat transfer, and flame retardancy.


PMI foam is used as the core material of the composite sandwich structure, which can simplify the process, shorten the cycle, and solve the problems of thick cells, easy moisture absorption, and easy debonding faced by the honeycomb core material. The traditional foam core material has low strength and low modulus. , The problem of poor heat resistance improves the life reliability of composite sandwich structures. PMI foam is currently the rigid foam material with the highest specific strength and specific rigidity. Applying it to carbon fiber products can not only reduce the quality, but also improve its various properties.

Carbon fiber PMI sandwich panels are widely used in aircraft, radomes, unmanned aerial vehicles, satellites, motor cars and other products. With the improvement of carbon fiber composite materials research and development and production technology, carbon fiber PMI sandwich materials will have more applications Extension. Polymethacrylimide foam is a new type of polymer structure foam material with the best comprehensive performance at present. It has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, high/low temperature resistance and so on.


PMI structural foam is a closed-cell, rigid rigid foam obtained by foaming the copolymer of methacrylic acid (MAA) and methacrylonitrile (MAN) through free radical bulk polymerization to obtain MAA-MAN copolymer sheet. At a foaming temperature of -230°C, the foaming agent embedded in the copolymer is gasified to prepare a PMI foam board. While foaming at high temperature, the adjacent cyano group (-CN) and carboxyl group (-COOH) in the MAA-MAN copolymer undergo a nucleophilic addition reaction to form a cyclic imide structure, which is highly polar and High rigidity gives PMI foam material a good comprehensive performance.