Is carbon fiber composite material toxic?

Is carbon fiber composite material toxic?

Summary:Carbon fiber composite material, a new type of material, is ...

Carbon fiber composite material, a new type of material, is itself a material that is researched in the direction of environmental protection. It is formed by curing carbon fiber and epoxy resin with high hardness, high modulus, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, and very light weight. Performance of composite materials. At present, it has been used in various industries. With its widespread use, people at this time began to question whether such a good material is poisonous.


Carbon fiber sandwich foam is a material, with current technology, carbon fiber is not drawn directly from carbon, but a fibrous carbon material with a carbon content of 90%. The result of the test is that its cytotoxicity is grade 1, which is a material within the toxicity range stipulated by the state. Although accidental burning under special conditions will produce toxic smoke, carbon fiber is a high-temperature resistant material and is not easy to ignite under normal circumstances, so it will not cause harm to the human body.



Epoxy resin is reported by the Swiss General Notary and is an internationally recognized environmentally friendly product. The carbon fiber composite material produced by mixing and curing two non-toxic materials of epoxy resin and carbon fiber is also a non-toxic material. Although the carbon fiber composite material is a non-toxic material, the carbon fiber filament is a filament that is only 1/50th of the hair.


During the production process, carbon fiber dust will penetrate into the skin along with the pores. If workers do not wear dust-proof clothing, protective gloves, and dust-proof masks for a long time, the skin will be painful and itchy. Therefore, workers must take protective measures before entering the workshop, and washing with cold water after work can be relieved.