Development trend of high temperature polyurethane foam

Development trend of high temperature polyurethane foam

Summary:Development trend of high temperature resistant foam materia...

Development trend of high temperature resistant foam materials:

High temperature resistant foam materials are generally materials with a guide thermal coefficient less than or equal to 0.2. The use of good insulation technology and materials in construction and industry can often achieve more with less. For every ton of mineral wool insulation used in construction, one ton of oil can be saved a year. Insulation of industrial equipment and pipelines, the use of good thermal insulation measures and materials can significantly reduce production energy consumption and costs, improve the environment, and have good economic benefits.

Building exterior wall insulation is an industry that has only been popularized in recent years. Except in municipalities, provincial capitals, and other economically developed cities, the state has begun to mandate that residential and public buildings must carry out energy-saving insulation. For cities below the prefecture level, there is no clear requirement.


With the increasingly strict requirements for environmental protection and the substantial increase in energy costs, as a class of the most excellent insulation materials in the current insulation and energy saving market, polyurethane rigid foam products are more and more widely used in building energy-saving insulation. At present, the polyurethane materials used in wall insulation abroad account for 75%, and the application in my country is only 10%, so it seems that the prospect of polyurethane high temperature resistant foam in my country is huge.