Core material foam use specification

Core material foam use specification

Summary:1. The grassroots wall should remain smooth and strong, whil...

1. The grassroots wall should remain smooth and strong, while vertical, in line with my country's wall construction specifications. In summer, the construction of core material foam should take good sun protection measures to avoid direct sunlight during construction. Winter construction temperature should not be lower than zero degrees, and the rainy season should be waterproof measures to protect the walls of new construction, which is strictly forbidden to construct in the rain.

2. The foam is everywhere in life, and the foam is more and more, and the foam is increasingly applied to various industries. For example, packaging materials, construction, thermal insulation materials, etc., while insulation foam board, polyurethane foam plate, building foam board, etc. The outer wall of the core material foam should be cleaned, no dirt, soil, dust and other impurities that are not conducive to bonding.


3. Test and retrieve the raw materials of the core material foam plate. Resample should be sampled. Generally check the density, strength, thermal conductivity, bond strength, mechanical properties and corrosion resistance of the insulating material. The thickness of the insulation material must meet the relevant provisions of Chinese wall design. The combination between the insulating plate and each structural layer must be firm. Core material foam bonding strength and connection method should comply with relevant national regulations, and record and handover work.


EPS packaging products partially replaced by gas, and each cubic generidity contains 300-6 million independent sealed bubbles. Therefore it is several times more than a few times larger than the plastic volume. It has the ability to absorb impact loads. When the EPS packaging product is subjected to a shock load, the gas in the foam passes through the lag stream and compression, so that the external energy is consumed, scattered, and the bubble is gradually terminated, and therefore has a better shock absorption.