Application of foam aluminum

Application of foam aluminum

Summary:1 Building materialsDue to its light weight per unit volume,...

1 Building materials
Due to its light weight per unit volume, soundproof, vibration-proof, fire-resistant, non-combustible, heat-preserving and other properties, aluminum foam can be used to construct non-load-bearing inner walls, partition walls, doors, ceilings, and exterior decorative materials. It can also be used in any building that requires airtightness and good ventilation. When it is used for surface decoration, it can also achieve the effect of foam, marble and other decorative materials.


It is suitable for the construction of so-called mobile floors when the wiring and piping in the computer room, physical and chemical laboratory, etc. are frequently changed. . For this, honeycomb structure materials, die-cast materials, etc. are currently used, but foamed aluminum can be used instead. The exterior decoration of large buildings is to avoid the use of heavy materials on high floors, and foamed aluminum is just suitable for this need. This is not only light weight, but also free appearance design. When there are special requirements for strength, foam aluminum made by adding steel bars can be used.

2 decoration materials
Aluminum foam can be used in any design to be used as interior and exterior decoration materials for buildings, and can also be made into patterns with materials such as stone, marble, wood, and glass. Because the sculptures, statues and other objects made with it are large and light, they are extremely easy to carry.



3 soundproof material
Can effectively use it as a wall to adjust the sound effects of broadcasting, music, lecture halls, theaters, etc. In the industrial sector, it is suitable as a platform for soundproofing and sounding machinery in power generation rooms, engine test rooms, and airports. In daily life, it is used as structural parts of record players, stereo cameras, soundproof parts of room coolers, soundproof parts of hotels, etc.


4 Anti-vibration material
Foamed aluminum is the best material for use as car bumpers and other accessory parts to slow down collisions and achieve safety purposes. On the contrary, it can also be used as a vibration-relieving material when the equipment along the road collides. It is ideal as an anti-vibration material for the transportation and installation of heavy and valuable objects. This material was used under the landing gear of the Apollo 11 LM when it landed on the lunar surface. It adapts to the unevenness of the lunar surface during landing, and uses foamed aluminum to destroy vibrations. It is also suitable as a backing material for valuables.