How to properly use the core material foam box insulation?

How to properly use the core material foam box insulation?

Summary:Core foam is a foam box with thermal insulation and cooling ...
Core foam is a foam box with thermal insulation and cooling functions. There are many small holes in the middle of the core foam, the heat conduction is very slow, the material itself is not a fast conductor of heat, the foam is a poor heat conductor and prevents heat conduction. The retention time of the foam depends on the thickness of the case, the amount of ice cubes and the amount of material to be insulated. If the ice cube volume is equal to the volume of the material to be insulated, the thickness of the foam is about 3 cm.

As there are more and more manufacturers producing foam, the level of material used may vary, so the insulation or encapsulation effect of the process will vary. When there are more and more designs of boxes, the options on the market tend to have different aspects. The processing technology of core foams needs to be compared. As the number of models on the market has increased, each type of foam will be different in the processing process, and it needs to be analyzed in the market to see where the gaps lie.

This brings a summary process of features and highlights, or there will be different aspects, in the buying process or carefully understood. During the purchase process, you can refer to the brand ranking of core foam. Due to the increase in the number of processing and production manufacturers, the market brands formed are also relatively diversified. The possible brands chosen will be different in terms of their functionality or application.

After mastering the design points and features, it is necessary to compare them from different angles when purchasing in the market. This requires a comprehensive comparison process to understand the differences between different box designs. In the competition, it can be seen that the core foam design will be more innovative and the sales advantage in the market will be improved.

Thermal conductivity is the weighted average of pure EPS thermal conductivity (108cal/m.h. ℃) and air thermal conductivity (about 90cal/m.h. ℃). Good sound insulation performance. The sound insulation of EPS products is mainly through two ways, one is to absorb sound wave energy and reduce reflection and transmission; the other is to eliminate resonance and reduce noise. Anti-aging and corrosion properties. Except for prolonged exposure to high-energy radiation, the product has no obvious aging phenomenon. Resistant to many chemicals, such as dilute acid, dilute alkali, methanol, lime, asphalt, etc.