High temperature resistant foam application range

High temperature resistant foam application range

Summary:High-temperature foams are used as their high thermal resist...

High-temperature foams are used as their high thermal resistance and high morality, and become a core material of a carbon fiber enhancement composite. High-temperature foams are widely used in the field of military and civilians at home and abroad. After years of development, high-temperature foam relies on its excellent performance and increasing function, widely used in aviation, aerospace, ship, medical and other fields.


High-temperature foam products have been applied to aerospace, aviation and other fields, and have become a core supplier of multiple major models, while providing support for domestic large aircraft. In scientific research, the process process is further optimized, and the functional foam, heavy-duty machine foam, high-temperature foam, etc. have achieved better progress.



High-temperature foam is a high-performance, high-quality structural foam, used as high-performance composite core materials, simplifying process, shortening processes, and solving the thickness, easy to absorbing tidal faces facing the cellular core material, easy to remove Question, solving the problem of low specific strength, low specific modulus, low heat resistance.


Performance advantage in: High Milith Performance: High-grade strength, high ratio modulus, stretching, compression, bending, shear, etc., are far optimistic about other foams or light such as PVC, PU, ​​PET. Wood core, and isotropic, improved strength, improve rigidity, reducing weight. In the sandwich structural member, the use of the foam core can reduce the manufacturing cost or as a structural material.


If only the structural material is considered, the foam core sandwich structure and the design of the honeycomb core sandwich structure are mainly in a disadvantage. However, if you make a comprehensive comparison within the cycle, the foam core sandwich structure takes into account the advantages of manufacturing and maintenance, and is still a better choice.