Application of PMI high temperature resistant foam


PMI foam metal has many excellent properties due to its […]

PMI foam metal has many excellent properties due to its unique structure. It has been widely used in various high-tech fields such as aerospace, aviation, transportation, construction, environmental protection, energy, biology, and general industrial applications. The significance of the development of this new material.

1. Take advantage of excellent thermophysical properties. PMI high temperature foams have a large specific surface area, through-hole foam metal can be used to make heat exchangers and heat sinks; closed-cell foam metal can be used as a heat insulating material.

2. The use of shock absorption characteristics. It is one of the important uses of PMI foam metal for the manufacture of bumpers and shock absorbers. Its application ranges from the anti-shock baffle of the car to the spacecraft landing gear, and has been successfully used in elevators, conveyor safety mats, and high-speed grinder guards.

3. Use transmission performance. Utilizing the permeability of PMI high temperature foam, it can be applied to important materials for the preparation of filters. Because of its large pore size and high porosity compared with powder metallurgy porous metal, the filter made by it has a wide application range, such as filtering out liquid and solid particles in gas.

4. Use acoustic and electromagnetic properties. The sound absorption performance of PMI high temperature resistant foam metal is mainly used for noise reduction and noise reduction, such as attenuation muffler for steam power plants, pneumatic tools, cars and the like.