Application of phenolic core foam


The main application of phenolic core foam is as insula […]

The main application of phenolic core foam is as insulation materials, such as in the form of plates and sandwich panels for the construction industry, for the manufacture of insulated trucks, trucks and cabins, and also for low temperature insulation. It can also be used as a sound-absorbing board; it is particularly suitable for making foamed charcoal, which can withstand a high temperature of 3300 ° C and is a very good refractory insulation material; glass fiber reinforced phenolic foam can be used as a container containing fissile materials Packaging materials, for example, glass fiber / phenolic foam with a density of 96kg / m & sup3, protect the steel cylinders containing uranium hexafluoride during transportation, on the one hand, it is shockproof, and on the other hand, it can be prevented at temperatures up to 1200 ° C. A fire broke out.

Dry-process phenolic foam can be used for sound insulation and heat insulation. For example, aluminum plate / low density ΦK-20 foam composite can be used as the partition of the tank, enclosing the engine to reduce the harm of heat and noise to the personnel inside the vehicle. Aluminum plate / high-density ΦK-20 foam composite can be used as the gondola chassis of the chariot to reduce weight. In addition, the aluminum plate / ΦK-20 foam composite can also be used as the tail of the missile. Other uses are the same as wet phenolic foam.

Phenolic core foam is a high-quality thermal insulation material, which has been widely used in other thermal insulation fields. Adopting phenolic foam insulation decorative board as exterior wall insulation material can meet the requirements of both heat insulation and fire prevention. It can be used as a material for sealing and controlling fire in public buildings, which can fundamentally eliminate the dust and dust of organic flammable materials and inorganic materials. Fine fiber pollution poses a double hazard to people's safety and health.