Application of carbon fiber in wind turbine blade

Application of carbon fiber in wind turbine blade

Summary:When the length of the blade increases, the increase in qual...

When the length of the blade increases, the increase in quality is faster than the energy of energy, as the quality increases and the cube of the blade length is proportional, and the strength of the electric energy generated by the fan is proportional to the length of the blade length. At the same time, as the length of the blade increases, new requirements for the strength and stiffness of the enhancement material, the fiberglass is gradually showing performance in large composite blade manufacturing.


In order to ensure that the tip of the leaf tip is not touched in extreme wind load, the blades must have sufficient stiffness. Reduce the quality of the blade and meet the strength and stiffness requirements, and effective ways is to use carbon fiber sandwich foam. Since existing materials do not meet the needs of high-power wind power devices, the performance of glass fiber composites has tended to limit, and therefore, when developing a greater power wind power device and longer rotor blades, performance is better carbon fiber composites. It is imperative.



When the wind turbines exceeds 3 mW, when the blade length exceeds 40m, the carbon fiber is used in the blade manufacturing has become necessary. In fact, when the blade exceeds a certain size, the carbon fiber blade is cheaper than the glass fiber blade, because the amount of material, labor, transportation and installation costs have fallen. Since carbon fibers are expensive than glass fibers, 100% carbon fiber manufacturing leaves are not comparable from cost.


At present, foreign carbon fibers are mainly mixed and used in fiberglass, and carbon fibers are only used in some critical parts. The main parts of carbon fiber are used in blades: beams, especially the beam cover. Front and rear edges, in addition to improving the stiffness and reducing the quality, it also acts as a role in avoiding damage to the blade. The surface of the blade uses a carbon fiber sheet having high strength characteristics.