Acrylate-based foam core for composite sandwich design


Rohacryl foam is a core material solution with enhanced […]

Rohacryl foam is a core material solution with enhanced mechanical properties and thermal stability. It is lightweight, easy to shape and environmentally friendly.

The new foam product is the latest material solution for the performance foam product line, which is known worldwide for providing high performance Rohacell PMI foam. Its structural core products have been used in aerospace, automotive, electronics, medical technology, sports equipment and other industries for more than 40 years.

The initial development of Rohacryl was the wind turbine industry's tendency to be longer and longer turbine blades, which must meet demanding requirements. Ideally, the materials used in blade production should be lightweight, while providing higher mechanical properties and the ability to remain stable when cured at elevated temperatures. A variety of material solutions on the market offer high mechanical properties or withstand high curing temperatures, but until the introduction of Rohacryl foam provides a core material solution in a single product. Other industries with similarly efficient production methods may find new products interested in their applications.