How to properly use core material foam box for insulation


Core foam plastic box is a kind of foam box with heat p […]

Core foam plastic box is a kind of foam box with heat preservation and cooling function. There are many small holes in the core foam plastic box. The heat conduction is very slow. The material itself is not a fast heat conductor. The foam is a poor heat conductor and prevents heat conduction. The holding time of a foam box depends on the thickness of the box, the number of ice cubes, and the amount of material to be insulated. If the volume of ice cubes is equal to the volume of the material to be insulated, the thickness of the foam box is about 3 cm.

As more and more manufacturers produce foam boxes, the level of materials used may be different, so the insulation or packaging effects brought by the use process will be different. As more and more boxes are designed, the choices on the market tend to be different. Core material foam plastic box processing technology needs to be compared. Due to the increase in the number of models on the market, each type of foam box will also be different during processing. You need to analyze in the market to see where the gap is. This brings up a summary process of features and highlights, or there will be different aspects that customers will carefully understand during the purchase process.

In the purchase process, you can refer to the brand ranking of core foam plastic boxes. Due to the increase in the number of processing and manufacturing manufacturers, the market brands formed are also relatively diverse. The brands that may be chosen will be different in terms of their features or applications. After mastering the design points and characteristics, when buying on the market, you must compare from different angles. This requires a comprehensive comparison process to understand the differences between different box designs. In the competition, it can be seen that the design of the core foam plastic will be more novel, and the sales advantage in the market will be improved.